ADA Compliance

Make sure your website is ADA compliant

American with Disabilities Act Like restaurants and most public places, they are required to have easy access to people with disabilities. Your website needs to adhere to that compliance as well. That’s according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. In 2021, the number of web-related lawsuits in the U.S. saw a 320% increase over the … Read more

Questions You Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Questions you ask your website developer before you hire them

Questions You Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer Throughout our experience, we have encountered clients who approached us for assistance with their website, only to realize that their previous website company refused to grant them access to their website. Upon further investigation, we discovered some clients still need to receive organic SEO work or ask … Read more

Writing content with Ai technology

AI Content Writing is here!

Writing Content for Your Business just got easier with Ai. It’s crucial to have updated content on your website to stay relevant in your industry, suitable for search engines, and with new leads. Writing a blog is a way to create content and then repurpose that content for a script for a reel, a social … Read more

Own Your Domain

Instagram Influencer

The internet has been around since the 1980s and most likely is not going anywhere. It’s time to claim your family name that you may want to use for a future website. It’s easier than ever to create a website and claiming your name is something you can have for your legacy.