Who’s Your Ideal Client?

It’s vital to have a plan for your social, emails, website landing pages, and more. Your message should speak to your ideal client. Many businesses don’t know who that is — it’s NOT EVERYONE.

Imagine what you would say to a woman, age 24-40 (Millennial), who makes a good living, likes to surf, and loves nature. She wants to keep fit and appreciates a healthy meal. She is struggling with an issue that you know your product or service can resolve.

What Would You Say?

How would you talk to her through your website, social posts, and emails? Using language that she can relate to will help her believe you understand what she is going through and how your product can solve her challenges.

Having a specific audience and niche industry opens up a vast amount of the population you couldn’t possibly serve.

For example, if you were to target health and wellness businesses, you would have access to a 4.2 trillion dollar industry. Could you sell your product or service to 1% of that industry? Even 1% is a stretch for a small business. You could become an expert with the health and wellness challenges and offer solutions because you have decided to immerse yourself in that niche market. And when you do, you will know that audience inside and out and make your customer feel like you understand them and they can trust you.

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