social marketing.2

Here are some ways we help our clients plan for their social media.

  • Strategize once a month to determine what’s been happening in the business and needs to be shared.
  • Create monthly calendars
  • Make sure posts have professional images, videos, headlines, and content that engage customers.
  • Check stats for high engagement posts that may work as a boost or a sponsored advertisement.
  • Implement the 80-20 rule 80% fun and engaging content, 20% sales (showing off your product and service)
  • Assist with creating category lists and posting dates

Category ideas for social media posts:

  • Relevant news about your city happenings or your industry
  • About You
  • Behind the scenes
  • Your why
  • Educate
  • Inspiration
  • Entertain
  • National holidays relevant to your industry and target market
  • Product promotions
  • Events
  • Content from like-minded collaborators