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Questions you ask your website developer before you hire them

Questions You Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Throughout our experience, we have encountered clients who approached us for assistance with their website, only to realize that their previous website company refused to grant them access to their website. Upon further investigation, we discovered some clients still need to receive organic SEO work or ask any relevant questions before deciding to work with their previous website company. So, we’ve come up with some questions to ask before hiring your next website developer.

What do I need to budget?

Off the top, you’ll need a domain – the URL or address of your website. Those usually run about $20 or less per year.

Hosting is where your site lives – the land it sits on – the server. This cost averages about $20 per month, depending on what hosting company you use.

Design cost depends on the scale of the project. We will assess the cost and tell you the charges upfront. Budgets are set and agreed upon. It is discussed before moving forward if we encounter an out-of-scope price during the project.

How long will the project take?

This depends on the scale of the project and your industry. Most of the time, we can complete a website within one to two months if content, images, etc., are delivered promptly.

Do you write content?

We’re happy to help you with writing content! You will need to supply the jist of the content, and we’ll organize and polish it for SEO.

Do you include SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

We apply organic SEO on each page. We prep the pages if you decide to move forward with paid ads. We ensure that if the page is indexed by a search engine, it looks professional.

Do I own my website?

Absolutely! We want you to have full access to your domain and hosting information. Our team specializes in designing websites using WordPress, although we also have experience with WIX and Squarespace. When it comes to owning your website, we always recommend avoiding proprietary software unless you strongly prefer the company providing your site. This makes it much simpler to transition your website if needed and ensures that you have complete control over your online presence.

Are you familiar with my industry?

When designing a website for your business, working with a company that understands your industry is essential. However, it’s also important to remember that your web designer may need some education on your business and how you work with your clients. By sharing your unique voice and perspective, you can ensure that your website accurately represents your business and helps you connect with your target audience. So don’t hesitate to communicate your ideas and vision to your web designer and work together to create a website that truly reflects your brand. 

How do you secure my website from malware?

We make sure your site is hosted in a package that has 24/7 back up and a security package that will monitor malware. Make sure your website has an SSL certificate.

What other services do you offer?

At our company, we don’t just specialize in website development. Our team is also experienced in graphic design and email marketing, and we can provide guidance on utilizing other types of media to achieve your objectives. While we may not offer paid SEO, online ads, press releases, or photography services, we can recommend trustworthy resources. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in these fields and can advise you on which direction to take so that you can connect with the absolute best professionals in the industry.