Follow up procedures are vital to your business

I think the most challenging part of owning a business is creating a follow-up strategy. It sometimes takes more than eight inquiries to potential customers before you convert them to buy your product or use your service. Therefore, planned written steps are essential to make our follow-up procedures easy to “follow”!

Keep your business in front of your customers. Here are some
ways to do that:

  • Ask them to connect with you on social media and be consistent with posts. 
  • Ask them to subscribe to your email list and send occasional updates. 
  • Use a lead generation CRM like Ontraport or Hub Spot that reminds you of your next step and can create automated reminders.
  • Share valuable bite-size resources that will benefit customers.
  • Add a texting program.
  • Create email automation for new subscribers
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Write a personal paper note and send snail mail.
  • Send a coffee gift card when someone refers your business.
  • Check-in with your clients to say hi – no sales motive, just a quick hope all is well.
  • Send a promo gift that has your logo.
  • Create postcards and rack cards.
  • After you make the sale, continue to nurture your lead.

Here are some mind-blowing stats on follow up inquiries: