Email Marketing Consumer Protection is Here

I always think it’s a good thing when it comes to protecting consumer’s privacy.

Our search engine habits and the emails we open are used for marketing more products to us, but most feel it’s creepy that businesses know we’ve opened their email campaigns or know our search habits. 

With Apple’s new privacy policy, consumers have the choice whether or not companies know they’ve opened their email campaigns. That means we can’t depend on “open rates” or “click rates” to guide our marketing results. 

With changing times, we learn to adapt and change with them.

Learn to look at REAL RESULTS when it comes to your overall marketing. For example, we shouldn’t base our email marketing on open or click rates. Instead, base it on REAL RESULTS and make sure we track those results.

When creating an email to your customers, write it based on your primary goal.

For example, is it to get purchases, donations, or fill the seats at your upcoming event? Then, establish your results for that goal based on your ROI – return on your intention. Did you get sales? Did you get an increase in donations for your non-profit? Was your event a success?

More ways to use Email Marketing

When using email marketing, you also want to consider how you’re growing your list, give opportunities to share your emails, and if you are using compelling subject lines. Use the 80/20 rule as a base. Are you educating and sharing what’s happening in your industry? If you are a non-profit, are you sharing compelling stories? Are you giving something of value? Don’t make every email about sales!

I am a certified Constant Contact partner, which means I pretty much know all about email marketing. I have to keep up with current trends and strategies. Let me look at how you’ve been using email marketing and discuss how you track your results. 

Schedule a strategy session or call me to discuss any questions you may have about Apple’s new privacy policy. Email marketing has been and still is a valuable communication tool.

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