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Email is a relevant marketing tool.

Consumers are still engaging in emails, especially with their favorite brands.

If your customer loves your brand, they want to hear from you! Here are a few ways that you can improve email engagement with your customers.

Create emails that are visual and easy to read

Email applications like Constant Contact allow users to insert images to their email campaigns. The term “a picture is worth a 1000 words” is true and valuable. Creating short visual emails can make a huge impact on brand conversion rates including collecting emails, increasing engagements, followers and sales.

Know your stats

When utilizing an application like Constant Contact, businesses have access to important marketing statistics, like who is opening emails, clicking on links, and more. Keeping track and measuring marketing statistics assists with creative content and it enables a brand to target specific audiences. Audiences that are interested in what you are offering.

Engagement doubles if you send to the right audience. 70% of consumers become frustrated if the content isn’t relevant to them.


List Segmentation

List Segmentation can help businesses stay relevant to their target audience and send the right message to the right person. The people that are truly interested in what you have to offer. Email marketing programs like Constant Contact allows the ability to organize contacts to what interests them. 

For example, if an email is sent out that includes an upcoming event, showcases a product and includes a new promotion, when the reader clicks “more information” that contact can be sent into a specific group which can be later used for follow up with relevant information targeted towards their interest. Check out the 2 min (or so) video for more information.


Create Auto-responders

Email automation ensures that everything you have to share or offer to your customers reaches them automatically and immediately. If you have ongoing tips, heartwarming stories about what you do or product information that never changes automatic emails are a great way of communicating and showing how much you value your customers.

You can be assured that new subscribers are hearing about what you do and what you offer on an ongoing basis. Imagine, once your emails are created, you can sit back and allow the application do the work allowing you time to build your list and your business.

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