A Powerful and Fun Social Media Tool
I love Social Media. I wish it were around when my grandmother was alive or even my great grandmother. Could you imagine how cool that would be to see what they were up to 50 years ago? To read about what they were feeling about trending topics and seeing selfies of them? I love that we are creating memories like that for the future generation. They’ll see photos and read about what was going on in our lives when we were young. I think we’re going to need to leave our passwords in our wills!

The days are gone when the hashtag just sits on a telephone button
The hashtag has been around for a while now, but I want to remind you that it can be a very powerful and fun tool.
Recently, I used it as part of an event I helped with. I not only created the graphics; the invites, Powerpoint ad, web ads, sign up sheets, table signs, we decided to use a hashtag so that all the Instagram and Facebook posts would go to that landing spot. It was fun seeing photos of the fun that day. It helped create great memories!

Include it in your marketing plan
If you’re planning a family gathering or a corporate event, don’t forget to include a hashtag as part of your plan. If you’re planning on being a part of a trade show find out if they have a hashtag already established. That way everything people post about the event will land in one place. To learn more about hashtags just click on them and check out what people are posting!